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If you suffer from Sjogren's syndrome, dry eyes may not be the only eye problem you have to contend with. New research has found that in addition to dry eyes, people who have Sjogren's syndrome may have damage to the ocular surface of their eyes, according to a recent article in Sjogren's Syndrome News. A study published in the Journal of Rheumatology International found that Sjogren's patients with rheumatoid arthritis experience the most significant degree of damage to their cornea and visual loss. People diagnosed with primary Sjogren's syndrome ( if you have don't have any other autoimmune disease) were...

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If you suffer from red, irritated dry eyes and are trying to figure out what is causing the pain, redness and irritation, take a look inside your medicine cabinet. Prescription drugs are one of the primary causes of dry eye disease. That’s according to Dr. Jenna Zigler, an optometrist and co-founder of Eye Love, an organization whose mission is to heal 1,000,000 dry eye sufferers naturally, who recently posted an article about the five worst drugs which cause dry eye disease Prescription Drugs & Dry Eyes Prescription drugs have become a common cause of dry eye disease, which affects nearly...

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Whether you work in an office or at home, you are probably spending a lot of time staring at computer screens. And, it may be wreaking havoc on your eyes, causing inflammation and dry eyes. According to Neilsen, the average person consumes five times more information every day than we did 50 years ago and spends nearly 12 hours a day in front of a smartphone, TV, and computer screen. Researchers have found that our obsession with screens can significantly impact our eyesight, especially when doing activities that demand intense concentration. Staring at computer screens during large portions of your...

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Does your mouth, throat, or nose feel dry and scratchy when you get up in the morning? Do you feel tired only hours after waking up in the morning? Do pains and aches start to kick in around in the early afternoon? By 3 PM, are you so tired that you can hardly keep your eyes open without a critical cup of coffee? Well, you may be dehydrated. While many of us may experience these symptoms every day, we often dismiss them as being a part of "early morning state" and never really get to the bottom of why the...

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More than 4 million Americans suffer from dry eyes experiencing frequent bouts of redness, burning and blurred vision with little option other than turning to expensive eye drops and other topical medications to prevent the discomfort caused by dry eyes. Many of these costly solutions hurt your pocketbook while relieving symptoms only temporarily. But did you know that consuming a proper diet can help to relieve symptoms of dry eyes naturally, saving you money while boosting your health? Here are some tips that can help to prevent dry eyes and boost your health. Because each one of us has a...

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