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Why Water Alone Is Not Enough We’ve all heard the standard advice that drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day can boost hydration. But drinking water alone is not going to solve your body’s dehydration issues. Your hydration needs depend on your age, body weight, medical conditions, medications, activity levels, diet, alcohol intake and environmental conditions. In addition, travel and altitude can cause dehydration. And just boosting your intake of water doesn’t ensure that the electrolytes and nutrients are adequately absorbed into the bloodstream, interstitial cavities and cells. Drinking water alone does not replace all the electrolytes your...

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While the legal profession opens the door to a highly rewarding career, many attorneys can find themselves suffering from physical and mental health issues caused by high levels of stress and burnout. Attorney wellness is increasing become a significant issue. According to a recent ALM Mental Health Survey, most legal professionals believe their mental well-being is worse off as a result of their chosen career. The survey found that 31.2% of respondents feel they are depressed, 64% felt anxious. Nearly 10.1% of respondents indicated that they had an alcohol problem. Excessively long workdays, confrontational interactions, demanding clients, phone calls and...

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That bead of sweat rolling down from your temple to your neck while you remain locked in an empowering warrior one pose isn't just an acknowledgment of your hard work. It's a reminder of the most essential thing your body needs to improve your workout: proper hydration. The benefits of hydration and yoga are no secret to the ancient science of Ayurveda. Water, as explained in Ayurvedic text, is enlivening, satisfying and pure. And classified as a vital ingredient that enriches the heart stimulates and mind, body and senses. Hydration is simple yet essential for a healthy and powerful yoga...

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Feeling thirsty after an intense workout is pretty typical. It's a natural sign of dehydration and a signal that we need to replenish fluids into our body and bloodstream. But what many of us don't know is that our muscles need water and electrolytes too. Yes, that's right- our muscles also need proper hydration. More than 70% of our skeletal muscles are composed of water. For our muscles to contract and perform protein synthesis, they need a proper balance of water and electrolytes, including minerals such as sodium and potassium. When our muscles contract during strength and resistance training, water...

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