Why Proper Hydration is Essential to a Powerful Yoga Practice

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Why Proper Hydration is Essential to a Powerful Yoga Practice

That bead of sweat rolling down from your temple to your neck while you remain locked in an empowering warrior one pose isn't just an acknowledgment of your hard work. It's a reminder of the most essential thing your body needs to improve your workout: proper hydration. The benefits of hydration and yoga are no secret to the ancient science of Ayurveda. Water, as explained in Ayurvedic text, is enlivening, satisfying and pure. And classified as a vital ingredient that enriches the heart stimulates and mind, body and senses. Hydration is simple yet essential for a healthy and powerful yoga practice.

Benefits of Perspiration

While sweating or perspiration is often under-rated, it serves essential functions such as thickening the blood, stimulating our metabolism, and increases circulation to organs, muscles and tissues. Our sweat glands help our skin filter toxins out of the body. As our pores open, they help to build up a protective barrier on the skin that fights pathogens. Sweating also cools our body and maintains proper body temperature. According to most experts though, our body can lose up to 1.5 liters of water during a hot yoga class and with it essential electrolytes that are needed for proper cellular function.

Improving Your Yoga Practice

Being well hydrated is essential to improving your yoga practice. It helps to push your body during yoga and reduces nausea, vomiting, and gastro-intestinal problems that are common with dehydration. Proper hydration also helps to reduce muscle cramps and aches and improves mental concentration which results in better balance and coordination while completing the postures. Just ask a hot yoga practitioner about the importance of hydration. He or she will tell you it's a must-have for a proper yoga practice. That's why yogis of all practices who want to get most out of their practice should think about adopting a proper daily adult hydration regimen. Most of us turn to the common options like coconut water, sports drinks or even just plain water to rehydrate after a tough yoga class. But what if there was a better or more efficient way to quench your thirst and replenish electrolytes?

Hydrus: A Breakthrough in Hydration, A Better Way To Hydrate

Well there is. It's Hydrus. Hydrus is a sugar-free adult hydration drink formulated to boost absorption of water and electrolytes. Sweetened with Stevia, Hydrus is formulated to deliver the electrolytes your body needs more effectively than drinking water alone. Proper hydration isn't about just drinking more water. As a matter of fact, the commonly offered advice of drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day is misleading. Your hydration needs are dependent on body weight, medical conditions, medications and other factors. Moreover, just boosting your intake of water doesn't ensure that the electrolytes and nutrients are adequately absorbed into the bloodstream, interstitial cavities and cells. Many of the hydration and sports drinks in the marketplace today contain too much sugar and artificial colors, which make it harder for the body to absorb electrolytes. Hydrus is formulated with nanosome technology or tiny hollow sphere-shaped molecules that encapsulate electrolytes and water made of phospholipids. These tiny molecules are similar to the material found in our cell walls and help disperse water evenly throughout the body. Compared to other hydration drinks, studies show that the science in Hydrus delivers about 50% greater water and electrolyte absorption than traditional sugar-electrolyte drinks. Take the Hydrus Challenge Now and See How Hydrus Improves your Yoga practice.

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