What Elite Trainers Can Learn From The Peloton Phenomenon

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What Elite Trainers Can Learn From The Peloton Phenomenon

The biggest fitness craze in the world right now isn't a new aged yoga school or latest gym contraption, it's a two-wheeled bicycle with a lot of tech: Peloton. The fitness company's profits are soaring, especially as the coronavirus pandemic is holding people captive in their own homes. Peloton is the world's first company to successfully re-create the concept of "connected fitness," previously found only in gyms or private training classes. And the methods the company uses can provide big takeaways for elite trainers looking to reinvent themselves.

Double Down On Virtual Classes

Many gyms and trainers are doubling down on virtual classes, offering 2-3 virtual courses throughout the day. Some trainers are even adding levels to their virtual classes- so that it's only after having completed a series of workouts that clients can advance to the next level.

Inspire, Push Clients In Virtual Classes

If you ask someone why they love Peloton, one of the first responses you'll hear is that "I love the world-class instructors." Peloton instructors, like elite trainers, are poised to inspire and push clients or, in this case, riders through even the most challenging workout. The workouts are intense, challenging, and instructors are crucial to making sure that Peloton clients get the most out of the 20 minutes spent on a bike. Whether you are there virtually or in person, it's still your job as a trainer job to push clients. And while you might not have a 22-inch high definition tablet and tech that lets you monitor client metrics, there's something to be said for looking directly into that camera calling out your clients if they aren't' working out hard enough. One of the ways to add competitiveness to your virtual classes is to ask attendees to clock in their times and metrics by announcing out loud when they've completed a part of the workout. Encouraging clients to be vocal during the virtual class creates a sense of connectedness. It builds the experience and sense of community. So don't be afraid to make everyone turn on their video screens and holler.

Convenience is Key

Another reason why Peloton riders love their workouts is because it's convenient. You strap in, and before you know it, 20 minutes later, you've completed an intense workout with others. And it all takes place at home. There's no need to go car and drive to the gym or find a babysitter to take care of kids while you get in our daily dose of intense exercise. The bike's there, and so are you, and the instructors make the minutes flash by. So it's essential to offer both live and pre-recorded classes online at various times during the day.

Think Beyond Your Geography

Peloton is also continually evolving to meet the demands of its growing community. Keep in mind the value of being virtual is that you can have someone from New York City, Seattle, and Houston together in the same class competing against one another. Similarly, if you are training elite athletes using online classes, you might want to use social media to connect to athletes who are outside of your hometown and expand your existing client base.

Offer Classes Catered to Your Top Client Needs

When Peloton first started, you could only stream spin classes, but now there's yoga, cardio, glutes, arms, you name it. You might want to consider offering specialized classes relevant only to your core clients that can't be found elsewhere. You can also ramp up the variety and offerings of specialized online workouts. I know this might seem a bit overwhelming, and at first, but eventually, you will figure out what works best. And remember, you aren't the only business out there that's going to need to find a way to reinvent itself. Reinventing yourself is never easy, but it can be done. And if you do it right, the pay-off can be huge. Take the Hydrus Challenge Now! Stay Healthy & Well Hydrated.

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