Consider Experimenting With Your Body's Hydration Needs To Find What Works Effectively

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Consider Experimenting With Your Body's Hydration Needs To Find What Works Effectively

About a month ago, Shari Nelson woke up and couldn’t swallow. Her dry mouth caused by Sjogren’s Syndrome was so bad that she couldn’t feel the inside of her throat and esophagus. “It wasn’t just dryness. It was a terrifying feeling when you wake up and can’t swallow. It makes it hard to breathe. It took nearly a bottle of water to be able to take a breath. My husband and I knew we needed to find a solution,” Shari said. Shari who had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogren’s Syndrome and Bischett’s five years ago, said she needed fast relief and a way to manage her symptoms of dryness and dehydration.

Severe Dry Mouth & Dry Eyes

“My dry mouth was so bad that I could feel dryness in my throat and esophagus. I couldn’t swallow at all or feel myself breathing. I needed to have a bottle of water beside me and take a sip before eating a piece of bread, cracker, or chips,” Shari said. While Shari was treated for dry mouth by her rheumatologist with Pilocarpine tablets which are used to treat dryness of the mouth and throat they gave her frequent headaches. “I was taking Pilocarpine, and it gave me headaches and migraines, so I had to stop using it,” Shari said. Shari says her eyes were also excessively dry. “My eyes were so dry that my cornea started eroding. The doctors recommended treatments such as prescription antibiotic eye drops and over-the-counter topical treatments like RefreshOmega Three and Refresh Gel drops, but nothing worked,” Shari said.

Constipation & Vaginal Dryness

Over time the dryness became so severe that Shari was experiencing chronic constipation and vaginal dryness. “After Sjogren hit, I had constipation for nearly five years. There was nothing my gastroenterologist could do about my constipation. He tried everything. He told me that Sjogren’s causes constipation because it wrecks your body of moisture-producing glands,” Shari said. At the gastroenterologist’s advice, Shari started drinking water alone throughout the day as a part of her daily hydration routine, but that too didn’t work very well either. “I felt so helpless because nothing worked. I constantly had a bottle of water in my hand but still suffered horribly from dryness. I was desperate for an answer. So I went to Sjogren’s Foundation for help and saw an ad for Hydrus,” Shari said. And after talking with a few other people with Sjogren’s who were using Hydrus, Shari decided to take the Hydrus Challenge.

The Hydrus Relief Fast Hydration

After using Hydrus consistently for just three weeks, Shari says she’s seen a significant improvement in her dryness. “Everything that plagued me with Sjogren’s is much better. My eyes are better, dry mouth, arthritis is better, constipation is better, and even my vaginal dryness is better,” Shari said. “I took the Hydrus challenge, and I’ve seen excellent results. My eyes and mouth are wet; the joint pain in my hip has disappeared. And I really love that I’m not constipated anymore,” Shari added.
hydration Shari Nelson testimonial Hydrus Shari Nelson with her husband Kami and daughter at her high school graduation ceremony.
Shari says after taking Hydrus, she can actually swallow crackers or bread without needing to wet her mouth. “I knew my mouth and eyes felt moister. My eyes even watered when I yawn. And I didn’t have to have water beside me while eating. I am thrilled with the results I’m getting. I do believe that Hydrus is working so much better than eye drops or pills prescribed for my dry eyes and dry mouth.” While Shari experienced excellent results after using Hydrus for three weeks, she said initially after drinking only two 16.9 oz. servings per day, she didn’t feel a big difference. It was after increasing intake to three 16.9 oz. servings a day that Shari started to feel a substantial improvement. The reason is that individual hydration may vary depending on your age, body weight, medical conditions, medications, activity levels, nutrients in your diet, alcohol intake, and warm and humid environmental conditions. The higher or more of each, including number of medical conditions such as Sjogren’s Syndrome, Lupus, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Eczema, Short Bowel Syndrome, Kidney Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Cancer Treatment, Radiation Treatment, and POTS, the more likely you are to require additional water and electrolyte absorption to achieve an effective hydration level throughout the day. After experimenting, you’ll gain a more nuanced understanding of your body and how Hydrus works for your conditions. Hydrus’ Nanosome(TM) encapsulation technology delivers about 50% greater water and electrolyte absorption than conventional sugar-electrolyte drinks. Hydrus contains no sugar, sweetened with stevia leaf extract, and is ideal for effective hydration daily. “When I started taking Hydrus three times a day with 16.9 ounces of water, everything changed. The difference was like night and day. I immediately felt a difference. I saw a huge decrease in all five of my symptoms, even my joint pain. I’m so excited to finally have something that works. I can’t wait to get my next order in the mail,” Shari said. Get the Hydrus Edge Now for Fast Relief from dryness and symptoms of dehydration.
autoimmune disease, Behchet's disease, dehydration, lupus, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), primary Sjogren's syndrome .

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