Dehydration May Be Ruining Your Sex Life, But Proper Hydration Can Help

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Dehydration May Be Ruining Your Sex Life, But Proper Hydration Can Help

While it's not something that men and women like to talk about vaginal dryness caused by chronic dehydration can cause your sex life and intimacy to suffer. Around 17% of women aged 18-50 experience problems with vaginal dryness during sex, even before menopause. And nearly one-half of all post-menopausal women experience vaginal dryness. The most common symptoms of vaginal dryness are not only a dry vagina but also irritation and pain during sexual intercourse. Like many products designed for women's health, topical treatments and creams only offer a temporary relief. The don't get to the root cause of the problem, leaving partners to believe that they aren't able to arouse their mates sufficiently. And because it's a somewhat taboo topic, 90% of women don't seek proper solutions for their condition.

Vaginal Health & Hydration

Vaginal dryness occurs due to a drop in estrogen levels. It can be a side effect of taking birth control, hormonal changes such as breastfeeding or menopause, smoking, drinking, and even over-exercising. Just like dehydration takes a toll on other parts of our body, such as our face and body, vaginal skin can also become dry due to a lack of proper hydration. Vaginal dryness can occur on the exterior of the vagina. The vagina has a very delicate pH and dehydration can cause it to become unbalanced and increase the risk of yeast infections. Proper hydration can also help you orgasm. It facilitates natural lubrication and makes it easier to experience orgasms by increasing oxygen levels in the bloodstream. And guess what? This isn't just true for women. Men also experience better sexual function when they are properly hydrated.

Erectile Dysfunction & Dehydration

Dehydration is one of the many factors that can cause erectile dysfunction,. Nearly 30 million men experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lifetime. And while it's not commonly talked about, dehydration and erectile dysfunction can cause significant loss in a man's quality of life. For sexual arousal and erection to properly take place, there needs to be adequate blood flow to the penis. But when a man is dehydrated, the blood volume becomes much lower, causing blood vessels to become constricted. This makes it more challenging to keep the penis tense.

Understanding Cellular Hydration

The best and most efficient means of hydration is when electrolytes and fluids travel through cell linings and blood vessels into interstitial and intracellular regions of the entire body. Unlike topical solutions, cellular hydration restores balance in the body's fluid systems from inside. And reduces stress on the body- ultimately relieving symptoms much faster. While many hydration products in the market today claim of superior hydration, unless you are hydrating from within you are probably not going to see a vast improvement. That's why Hydrus is formulated to provide cellular hydration with tiny lipid-like molecules called nanosomes which made of the same material as our cells. These hollow sphere-shaped molecules encapsulate electrolytes and water to disperse water evenly throughout the body. Studies show that the science in Hydrus delivers about 50% greater water and electrolyte absorption than traditional sugary-electrolyte drinks. Take the Hydrus Challenge Now and Feel the Difference!

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