Even "Mild" Dehydration Dehydration Can  Impair Your Cognitive Performance, Here's What You Need To Know

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Even "Mild" Dehydration Dehydration Can Impair Your Cognitive Performance, Here's What You Need To Know

While it's common to think of alleviating dehydration for physical benefits such as boosting athletic performance, studies show staying well-hydrated can have significant mental health benefits too. A study conducted by the University of Connecticut Human Performance Lab found that mild dehydration (1.36%) causes changes in mood, increased perception of task difficulty, lower concentration, and headaches in women. The simple fact is that whether we realize it or not, our body is composed of 70% water and the brain 75% water. When you become dehydrated, your blood circulation slows and results in less oxygen being delivered to your organs- including the human brain. What's even more interesting is that researchers found that regardless of whether a participant exercised for 30-40 minutes or remained in a stationary position- the adverse effects from mild dehydration were the same. Just because you don't work up much of a sweat working at your desk all day, it doesn't mean that you are not dehydrated. It's important to note that when your body becomes dehydrated, it will pull water needed for blood circulation from other areas including your brain. It's this process that causes symptoms such as confusion, lack of concentration, headaches, brain fog, dry eyes, and even blurred vision to occur. While this process is part of your body's innate response to conserve more water for survival, adopting a daily adult hydration routine can boost your mental performance. The study's findings reinforce the need to stay well hydrated throughout the day- not just before and after exercising. Ironically, that study also found that women who were mildly dehydrated experienced more fatigue, headaches, and decreased ability to concentrate than men. Men struggled with completing mental tasks that required alertness and memory and reported feeling more tense, anxious and tired.

Dehydration & Cognitive Function In Children

And guess what? Dehydration doesn't just impact adults. It's more prevalent in young children. Studies have found children between the ages of seven to nine showed improvement in their memory and attention span after hydrating. While we all need proper hydration, children are among the most vulnerable because their bodies have a higher body water content and metabolic rates, which contribute to a higher turnover of fluids. The higher turnover of fluid in their body requires a greater volume of water than adults to maintain their fluid equilibrium and makes children more susceptible to water depletion.

Hydrus Is The Answer

Hydrus is a daily hydration drink formulated with lipid-like molecules called Nanosomes. These small sphere-shaped molecules encapsulate electrolytes and disperse water evenly throughout the body. Hydrus' nanosomes enable absorption to start the moment Hydrus touches your mouth. That's why people experience relief almost immediately after using Hydrus. People who took Hydrus felt a dramatic improvement in dry mouth, dry eyes, joint pain, muscle pain, and fatigue in less than a week. Hydrus users found a 78% improvement in dry eyes and 67% improvement in dry mouth after using Hydrus for just five days. Here are the results. Hydrus is ideal because its breakthrough Nanosome™ encapsulation system delivers hydration faster and more effectively than water alone or traditional sugary-electrolyte beverages. Hydrus allows you to replace body water more quickly, without impacting your blood sugar. Unlike other hydration and sports drinks, Hydrus is sugar-free and sweetened with Stevia. It's a perfect solution whether you are at the office, working from home, or have kids who want the great taste of a sports drink, but you don't want them guzzling sugar. Keep Hydrus single-serving packets at home, in the car, or your desk. Just add Hydrus to your family's daily adult hydration routine to help them think sharper and perform better all day long! Take the Hydrus Challenge Now and Feel Real Hydration Right Away!

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