Why Cellular Hydration Is Essential To Healthy Cell Function

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Why Cellular Hydration Is Essential To Healthy Cell Function

When most of us think about hydration or feeling dehydrated, we often default to the commonly held advice of "drinking 8 to 10" glasses of water a day. Now, there is mounting evidence that proper hydration isn't just about drinking more water; it's about delivering water and electrolytes at the cellular level through cellular hydration.

What Is Cellular Hydration?

Cellular hydration occurs when electrolytes and fluids travel through cell linings and blood vessels into interstitial and intracellular regions of the entire body. To understand how cellular hydration works, let's take a typical example. For most of us, our most common form of daily hydration is generally using some products to moisturize our skin. The beauty industry has tried for years to formulate products that can easily penetrate the skin and get to our cells to promote anti-aging and other results. The products that work well are ones that can penetrate or easily be absorbed into our skin's surfaces and reach our cells. A similar principle applies to when we try to get water and electrolytes into the cells in our muscles and organs. You need something which is formulated to absorb the electrolytes and water efficiently.

Why It's Important to Hydrate at the Cellular Level

Scientists have found that cellular hydration plays a critical role in our cell function. Mitochondria are the "energy powerhouse" found in virtually every human cell uses hydrogen molecules from water to make ATP, the basic unit of energy that our cells use to run our body. Cellular hydration reduces inflammation in the body. Our body is continuously dealing with free radicals from stress, environmental toxins, and byproducts of your body's normal processes. The hydrogen found inside our cells deactivates these harmful materials and helps our cells eliminate them from our bodies. Both of these essential cellular functions rely on how well our cells send electrical charges across cellular membranes. When our cells are dehydrated, our membranes become loose, causing the electrical charge to be weak and dissipate. But when our cells are well hydrated, our cell membranes stay tight and organized, which makes them better at passing on an electrical charge improving cellular functions. Hydrus is formulated with lipid-like molecules called nanosomes. These nanosomes are similar to the material found in our cells and are designed to optimize the delivery of electrolytes and water directly into the bloodstream, cells and interstitial cavities. These small sphere-shaped molecules encapsulate electrolytes and disperse water evenly throughout the body. Hydrus' nanosomes enable absorption to start the moment Hydrus touches your mouth. That's why people experience relief almost immediately after using Hydrus. Elite athletes have understood the role of cellular hydration in enhancing athletic performance for years. Now, the medical community is starting to recognize the benefits of cellular hydration in managing severe dehydration, including dry eyes, dry mouth, muscle, and joint pain and fatigue. People who took Hydrus felt a dramatic improvement in dry mouth, dry eyes, joint pain, muscle pain, and fatigue in less than a week. Hydrus users found a 78% improvement in dry eyes and 67% improvement dry mouth after using Hydrus for just five days. Here are the results. Hydrus has helped many patients with autoimmune conditions such as Sjogren's Syndrome, POT's, Lupus, People who have Muscular Sclerosis and Arthritis have also found Hydrus to be helpful in managing symptoms related to dehydration. Unlike other hydration and sports drinks, Hydrus is sugar-free and sweetened with Stevia. Hydrus' sugar-free formula makes it less likely to cause inflammation in the body and prevents weight gain. Take the Hydrus Challenge Now and Feel Real Hydration Right Away!

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