Do You Suffer From Brain Fog? You Might Be Dehydrated.

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Do You Suffer From Brain Fog? You Might Be Dehydrated.

Are you unable to focus correctly or forget simple things easily? If you experience frequent memory loss, a lack of mental clarity, poor concentration and have trouble focusing- you might have brain fog. Brain fog is also known as mental fatigue and is a common symptom experienced by people with Sjogren's Syndrome, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes and Arthritis and other illnesses. Scientists have recently discovered that there may be a link between dehydration and cognitive ability. A study at the Georgia Institute of Technology found a strong correlation between decreased attention, problem-solving ability, and a lack of proper hydration. Researchers found that dehydrated participants made more errors, especially when performing attention-related tasks, compared to well-hydrated people. While the condition may seem "harmless" and "temporary," severe brain fog can result in loss of income and inability to work and function properly. According to researchers, a 2% loss in water can affect muscle endurance and regulate body temperature and cognitive functioning. That means when you are performing tasks like lifting heavy objects, operating heavy machinery, or working and exercising in hot weather; it's essential to remain hydrated otherwise it may result in a critical error that can harm your physical and financial health.

Brain Fog & Dehydration in Women

Women across all age groups are more likely to experience the effects of dehydration. A study that looked at the hydration status of 2,506 adults over age 60 found that dehydrated women performed less effectively on cognitive tasks related to attention and processing speed than men. Older women are at an exceptionally high risk of suffering from symptoms of brain fog caused by dehydration because water levels inside the body decline with age due to the loss of muscle and fat tissue. Both men and women also become less sensitive to thirst the older we get. And studies have found that thirst is often not a reliable indicator of hydration status in older adults.

Hydration Is Essential For Cognitive Functioning

Nearly 75% of our brain is made up of water, and just like our body, our brain also needs proper hydration. If you have ever experienced a headache after a few glasses of wine, it's usually a result of dehydration. Your brain tissue loses water due to alcohol causing it to shrink and pull away from the skull, activating pain sensors that manifest as a headache. Dehydration also causes your blood volume to drop, which lowers the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain and impairs cognitive functioning. A decrease in water levels in our brain cells can cause proteins to misfold and prevent the release of toxic proteins that can build up in the brain. But when the brain is well hydrated, it can exchange nutrients and remove toxins efficiently- ultimately resulting in better concentration and increased alertness. In order for our muscles to move when they need commands from the brain. These commands are sent via neural pathways, and when our neurons (brain cells) are well hydrated they can react faster enhancing our motor skills.

It’s All About Absorption

For all of these reasons, its essential to remain well hydrated because a healthy body automatically restores electrolytes from both food and water. But in some cases, especially if you are working out intensely or have medical conditions that require you to take medications like diuretics, you need to be more cautious about maintaining a proper balance of electrolytes. Trying to rehydrate your body using plain water isn’t enough, because our body is unable to absorb all fluids and electrolytes quickly enough. And since proper hydration is about balancing the delivery of electrolytes and water into the body’s cells, there needs to be an effective delivery system to make sure our cells absorb liquids and electrolytes fast and efficiently. That’s why Hydrus’ exclusive Nanosome(TM) science encapsulates electrolytes for fast and effective water and electrolyte absorption when compared with water, conventional sugary, and sugar-free electrolyte drinks. Take the Hydrus Challenge Now and see how Hydrus can help you relieve brain fog and other symptoms related to dehydration.

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