Hydrus Concentrate: 8oz. Bottle - Lemon-Lime (24 Servings)

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Created with proprietary Hydrus Nanosome™ Technology, which is a more effective carrier and distributer of electrolytes to the blood stream as compared to other sugary products.

60% of the human body is made of water, and hydration is key to peak performance and wellness. Hydrus offers optimal, effective hydration for peak overall wellness as well as clinically proven relief from dehydration caused by digital eye strain and medical conditions like Sjogren's

Hydrus is sugar free & sweetened with stevia leaf extract

Directions: Pour one cap full of concentrate into a 16.9 oz glass of water. Drink twice a day, once in the morning before caffeine and once at night, for best results.

One 8 oz. bottle produces 24 servings.

Customer Reviews

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Krista Stenhaug

I have sent several messages saying I wanted the survey to complete. The offer was to try for free. Nobody has sent the survey!

Sondra Waggoner
Great stuff

Great stuff BUT the flavors suck. It isn’t pleasing to the to taste. Also, someone address it to a wrong address. Right address number but wrong street.

Tania Parra Marin
A Wonderful Product

I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility and one thing I struggle with is severe dry and and dehydration. Hydrus Edge has made it possible for me to not have to use so many eye drops in my eyes. It is extremely hydrating. The only issue is that now my fiancé has taking a liking even though he doesn’t need it. Lol so I had to start buying more. I just add it to my water and away we go.

Zulma Laboy
Not Helpful

Not helpful, it upset my stomach, as a person with Sjogren’s desperately hoping to get relief I feel duped.