Hydrus Concentrate: 8oz. Bottle - Orange (24 Servings)

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Created with proprietary Hydrus Nanosome™ Technology, which is a more effective carrier and distributer of electrolytes to the blood stream as compared to other sugary products.

60% of the human body is made of water, and hydration is key to peak performance and wellness. Hydrus offers optimal, effective hydration for peak overall wellness as well as clinically proven relief from dehydration caused by digital eye strain and medical conditions like Sjogren's

Hydrus is sugar free & sweetened with stevia leaf extract

Directions: Pour one cap full of concentrate into a 16.9 oz glass of water. Drink twice a day, once in the morning before caffeine and once at night, for best results.

One 8 oz. bottle produces 24 servings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Jonathan Goldhill
Kept me hydrated

I suffer from a dry throat and mouth and this product really helped keep my hydrated.

Best I’ve Found

Reading the negative reviews here, they obviously didn’t use it long enough, typical instant gratification. I had been looking for something for years, trying several things, but this has by far been the best I’ve found. I’ve been using the orange flavor hydrus for 1.5 years now and this is what I’ve found: it improves by elasticity, which is not something I expected, I just noticed that when I ran out, the skin under my chin would start to sag, once I reordered and started using it again, it would improve immensely. I tested this twice, so it is definitely the hydrus improving my elasticity. Secondly, I went through the same long journey for constant dry eye, I had been using chrysanthemum tea, but this is so much better. I even spoke to one of the founders of hydrus leading the charge and went through the different research doctors and facilities using hydrus for different conditions. I know they are still a start up, so I hope to god they are able to continue distributing this amazing stuff, at least until I die.

Kerry Andrews
Excellent hydration!

I was experiencing daily dry, cotton mouth at night only, and occasional dehydration morning headaches, despite good water and electrolytes intake. One serving of this product in the evening fixed that. It actually worked too well in that it gave me too much energy and I woke up too early at 2am and could not get back to sleep. I switched to drinking it in the morning. Now I have good energy all day, no dehydration headaches and no problem with dry mouth at night and I sleep straight through until wake up time. I will keep using.

Horrible taste, cannot drink.

0 Stars, cannot drink this salty terrible tasting drink. Trying to get refund and Company will not return my messages.

Cathy Eichman
Not good

Didn’t help my dry mouth at all.