Hydrus Concentrate: 8oz. Bottle - Orange (24 Servings)

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Created with proprietary Hydrus Nanosome™ Technology, which is a more effective carrier and distributer of electrolytes to the blood stream as compared to other sugary products.

60% of the human body is made of water, and hydration is key to peak performance and wellness. Hydrus offers optimal, effective hydration for peak overall wellness as well as clinically proven relief from dehydration caused by digital eye strain and medical conditions like Sjogren's

Hydrus is sugar free & sweetened with stevia leaf extract

Directions: Pour one cap full of concentrate into a 16.9 oz glass of water. Drink twice a day, once in the morning before caffeine and once at night, for best results.

One 8 oz. bottle produces 24 servings.

Customer Reviews

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James Robertson
Excellent Product for Sjogren's Syndrome Symptoms

My wife was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome 2 years ago. Her eyes and mouth were so dry, when she woke up at night she could not swallow or open her eyes. She was prescribed Hydroxychloroquine for joint pain and stiffness, which gave her nightmares nightly so she was unable to continue taking it. She was also prescribed Pilocarpine for the dryness, which did not work well. She would literally be drenched in sweat after taking it, then get extremely dry within a couple of hours. She did this 3 times a day. Then we found Hydrus Edge. She has stopped taking the Pilocarpine and is drinking 4 tsp of Hydrus in 32 ounces of water daily. It has literally been a life changer for her. She is still dryer than the average person, but he life is more normal than it has been for years. She still has to use Bausch and Lomb Soothe XP eye drops at night, but they now work. Before she started drinking Hydrus, nothing worked to alleviate her dry eyes. She has noticed that she has to be faithful about drinking the 4 tsp in 32 ounces every single day. She drinks 8 ounces in the morning, around 1:00, around 5:00, and then late evening. If she does this daily, then her dryness stays under control. If she misses doses then, it does not keep her hydrated. This, unfortunately, is part of having Sjogren's. It is a bit pricey, but it works 100% better than the medication she was on for dryness. Since it does help alleviate the dryness caused by Sjogren's, it would really be great if insurance would cover it. Not sure if there is anything that can be done about that, but it would be really great.

Jodi Kuenzi
Sjogren's help

Seems to improve dry mouth symptoms. Thank you!

Ric Arra

should be more product for price

Jean Davis
I am allergic to citrus .

I think it would work, but I am allergic to citrus,gives me a sore throat do you have a flavor that is not citrus?Thanks, Jean Davis


Does help with dry mouth!