Dramatically Improve Employee Performance

Working from home is a new kind of challenge. It dramatically alters the historic dynamic of the familiar work environment, affecting physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing and productivity.

Hydration impacts every aspect of one’s life far more than any other single factor. Hydrus will help every employee feel better, think better, and cope better.

Ship Direct To Employees

Provide Real Hydration Without The Sugar & Calories

Improve Workplace Performance

What’s Been Overlooked

In the “normal” work environment, employees are, to a large extent, indulged with individual food and beverage options that satisfy their wellbeing. In that environment hydration isn’t even a question, it’s an oversight.

50% of employees are chronically dehydrated (AMA estimate); 2% of dehydration results in 25% reduction in performance/productivity. We need to ask new questions.

  1. How many of our employees stare at screens for more than two hours a day?
  2. How does anyone know that they’re dehydrated?
  3. Why isn’t dehydration part of casual conversation? (What is a hangover?)
  4. Doesn't helping hydrate employees make sense?

Take Action, Take Charge, Take Care

Hydrus is the single solution that you can send affordably and effectively to every employee. From the very top to the very bottom of the company, you can help teams come out of this crisis in as good or better shape than they came in.

Hydrus is real hydration that, like Google, blows away the competition.

  1. Meaningful daily hydration effectively increases your employee’s energy level, thus improving their activity, productivity, and self-satisfaction in the workplace.
  2. Hydrus acts as the foundational building block for corporate wellness, upon which other elements are easily built to reinforce a virtuous behavioral cycle.

Let’s Make it Better for the Employee

Let’s give every employee the one and only tool that can really help them be more at ease. Hydrus can help Google's employees excel!

The Plan

Hydrus has helped thousands of customers maintain real hydration. It's about time that Hydrus helps your team hydrate on a daily basis.



Hydrus will deliver to each and every employee at their home and provide access to online and personal support.



Hydrus will provide hydration information that creates knowledge, commitment and usage.



Hydrus will conduct research to assess product knowledge, acceptance and productivity in the workplace.

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