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Immunity & Health


Digital Eye Strain & Computer Vision Syndrome


Performance, Productivity & Experience


Immunity & Health


Digital Eye Strain & Computer Vision Syndrome

Working From Home Is a New Kind of Challenge

It dramatically alters the historic dynamic of the familiar work environment, affecting physical well-being, mental well-being and productivity. Hydration is the foundation of wellness that supports diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep and mindfulness to create a healthier lifestyle.

Ship Direct To Employees

Provide Real Hydration Without Sugar & Calories

Improve Workplace Performance & Productivity

Strengthen Immunity & Health Reduce Eye Fatigue

2-4% Dehydration Can Reduce Productivity By 25%

Here's Why Adding Hydrus Will Help Your Employees

- 52% of employees come to and leave work dehydrated1
- 80% of employees report using digital devices 2+ hours per day2
- 59% Experience Digital Eye Strain3
- All body systems work best when hydrated effectively

Google employees are provided everything one would expect from one of the largest companies in the United States: Bicycles and electric cars to get staff to meetings, gaming centers, organic gardens, eco-friendly furnishings and endless meals throughout the day.

Hydrus wants to help Google make employees' lives easier, as we provide solutions to improve the health, well-being, and morale of Googlers.

1Mears, SA, Sheriff, SM, Assessing hydration status and reported beverage intake in the workplace., American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, 9 (2), pp.157-168



Take Action

Avoid loss of energy, mental lapses, bad moods and decreases in productivity. Hydrus is the easiest, most effective and enjoyable manner to maintain your appropriate hydration needs.

Take Charge

Hydrus is the most effective and affordable solution for every employee, on or off campus. By establishing a foundation of hydration throughout the day, Googlers can actually come out of this crisis with healthier hydration habits.

Take Care

Effective hydration throughout the day improves employees’ mood, mental acuity, alertness and attitude. Enhanced hydration impacts energy, physical acuity and work capacity leading to greater productivity.

Take Hydrus

Hydrus is a sugar-free liquid concentrate with exclusive Nanosome™ technology that delivers water and electrolyte absorption (about 50% greater) than traditional sugary sports drinks.

Hydrus is real hydration that, like Google, is on the cutting-edge of technology.

A Small Investment With a Big Payout For Everyone

Hydrus delivers the unique solution for effective hydration that allows every employee to build a foundation for a healthier lifestyle!

The Plan

Hydrus has helped thousands of customers maintain real hydration. It's about time that Hydrus helps your team hydrate effectively on a daily basis.



Hydrus will deliver wherever employees work and provide access to online and personal support.



Hydrus will provide hydration information to create knowledge, commitment and usage.



Hydrus will work with Google to conduct research and assess acceptance and outcomes in the workplace.

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